5 Star Communication

One of the key components to success in this industry is consistent communication.

We have developed a brand behind our follow up system and call it:

5 Star Communication



Our system enables you to stay front and center with referral sources, clients and prospects. You don't need to take time out of your day to ask what is going on.

This platform consists of timely phone calls and email updates to all the parties of a transaction. Some of the communication points sent out consist of:

  • PreQualification
  • Buyer Pre Purchase Counseling Meetings
  • PreApproval
  • Home #'s Recaps
  • Loan Application Started/Received
  • Title/Appraisal Ordered/Received
  • Appraisal Updates
  • Loan Approval
  • Clear To Close
  • Pre-Closing Updates
  • Settlement Statement
  • Wire Sent
  • AfterClosing
  • Surveys

What are Listing Realtors saying?

“I am a listing agent and I have had 3 of my properties sold w/financing from your company. You could teach the industry the standards. You and your company has gone way above and beyond any other mortgage company I have ever worked with. I only wish you worked for a bank that I have to refer buyers for a pre-qual letter. Your service is the best I have ever in my 9 years of Real Estate. Thank you”

“I have not met a better loan officer, company in all of my career. Timely communication and follow were huge”

“The email updated of the steps along the way were PERFECT. It helped me keep my seller informed and I knew what to expect. Thank you for a wonderful closing process!”


“Love your updates-they are so helpful in keeping all parties informed”

What  are Buyers Realtors saying?

“I have been a Realtor for 13 years and have never had the level of service that I experienced with your company and especially Travis. I was kept in the loop on every aspect of the loan process from the begining to the end. I will recommend you to all the agents in my office and in my board of Realtors. It has been a pleasure to work with a professional.”

“The overall experience was fantastic. This was my first closing with your company I haven't worked with a lender that was so on the ball in several years. The loan officer was motivated, creative and willing to step in when needed. I really appreciate the quick turnaround and the positive attitude!!! Way to go. I know where all my future business will go.”

“Buyer got a really awesome loan for a really awesome rate. The lender bent over backwards to insure that we closed. Buyer was very happy with the transaction and would recommend the lender to others. I overall think the experience was good because we closed. I will use and recommend the lender to others.”

“I really like  the emails with the updates that kept me informed before I even called. Great job!”

“Clients love the updates and it puts all parties up dated and in the know. It make's my job easier.”