About Us...

The Mortgage Firm is an idea that has been developed over the last decade and now is a successful mortgage banking operation. We are firm believers that the fastest way for me to get the best results is to find someone already experiencing that level of success and begin modeling their behaviors.   

In our chosen profession we often find that there aren’t many experienced mortgage professionals that we’d choose to model ourselves after.  Why is this the case?  Certainly, we all can agree that our business does attract a percentage of salespeople trying to make the fast cash.  What is funny to us is that any referral relationship will last longer than the commission earned on a loan if it is built on doing what’s in the best interest of the borrower.  If we build relationships based on doing the right thing we can expect the business will follow. 

The Mortgage Firm set out to grow as a company with some simple principles –do the right thing, be profitable and enjoy what we do. We are now looking to share the tools we've created and knowledge we've accumulated as mortgage professionals. We're building a team of uniquely qualified individuals willing to model themselves after successful behaviors.  

We’ve spent years managing large retail companies and can say with some authority that bigger is not necessarily better.  We have developed our own style of management through both modeling and personal successes along with some failures.  It never gets old to become involved in a difficult circumstance and help everyone reach the end destination – a successful loan closing.  We know it is not easy and understand what it takes.