The following is a list of our current employment openings. If you are a professional in the mortgage industry and looking for a career, we would love to hear from you!

You may respond to any of these listings by sending your resume and employment history to the information below. Once we have reviewed your information one of our Human Resource Managers will contact you.

Please email resume to


Job Description
Communication – 40%
Sales – create business and originate mortgage loans creating “Clients for Life”
    Make sure team is up to date on status of loan
Technical – 40%
    Take complete loan application
        1003 filled out CORRECTLY and signed
            property address
            2 years residence history
            2 years employment history
            liabilities – credit report in file
            race / govt monitoring purposes
        Good Faith Estimate
        Truth & Lending
        General disclosures
        Arm disclosure if applicable
        Application check list with items still needed from client

    Correct loan program is on loan application
    Dun DU - if product eligible
    Order appraisal and title when closing is 45 days or less
        If more than 45 days processor will assist
    Handle rate quotes and rate lock in with correct product.

Team Building – 10%
    Help to create a better work environment for everyone.  
Leadership – 10%
    Help build team to teach others and create a positive environment.

Manage pipeline
Meet with team to discuss status
Take appropriate action when scheduling closings
Make sure enough time to close


Technical – 40%
Ability to perform Job Duties listed below in an efficient and timely manner. The skill set necessary in understanding home loans and how to develop more efficient means to execute loan fundings.
Knowldege of Industry
Responsibility to stay on top of news and industry trends utilizing different resources – then communicate to those it affects

Communication – 30%
The ability to communicate to

  • Relationship manager
    Help build a better loan closing process for client satisfaction
  • Processor
    Manage pipeline report so volume can be expected and prepared for.  Proactively communicate change in closing dates
  • Underwriter
    Build relationships to better understand what is expected at closing so as to minimize the exception report
  • Title Company
    Help to build relationship to have positive experiences for our clients at closing.
  • Branch Operations
    Branch Manager and Operations Manager - Help to build a better closing system by communicating needs.  Help to track inconsistencies.

Customer service – “Taking care of business” philosophy
    communicate positively and upbeat
    sense of urgency

Team Building – 20%
    Help to create a better work environment for everyone.  Inclusion
        Help identify candidates.

Leadership – 10%
    Help build team to teach others and create a positive environment.


  • Follow up on title and insurance after processor has called twice
  • Review title with title check sheet
  • Review file for any missing documents
  • Contact attorney to check closing date and time
  • Send closing package to attorney same day as received/logged into closing (if logged in after 3:00 pm then considered next business morning)
  • Notify LO/TEAM by email closing package has been sent to attorney
  • Review HUD and get LO approval – upon receipt of HUD 1 from attorney
  • Forward copy of HUD to LO/TEAM – Fax or email – Email Preferred.
  • Cut checks  based on preliminary HUD 1(s)
  • Review funding documents and provide funding number to attorney
  • Signed HUD 1(s)
  • FHA new construction (packet)
  • VA new contraction (packet)
  • Underwriter conditions
  • Ensure loan closed on time  - if needed take necessary corrective action  - i.e. void check / unfund
  • Forward copy of FINAL SIGNED HUD to LO/TEAM – Fax or email – Email Preferred
  • LO, Processor & Closer need to communicate change of closing date– mandatory pipeline management
  • Scan post closing documents within 3 days of closing
  • Clear exceptions for all loans you closed
  • Build relationships with attorney/title offices to have better experience
  • Maintain the Package Tracker Report
  • Set up COMPLETE loan files within 24 hours of receipt  - in stacking orde
        -Power to put back to RM if not complete.
  • Keep file set up log – when received and given to Processor
  • Maintain up to date on Destroyed files list.