Mortgage Guarantee

   Our Guarantees to You:

  •  Your final lender charges will not exceed the Good Faith Estimate1 
    -or we will credit the difference at closing

  •  Know Your "Numbers" before you go to contract,
                   -why wait till closing?

  •  Appraisal & Financing deadlines per the sales contract will be met2

  • Loan will Close on the date Specified in the contract,




1 Lender charges are fees and/or costs listed on the HUD-1 Settlement statement to be collected by, and paid to, the lender and not passed thru to third parties. Other fees and charges are not applicable to this offer.

2 Appraisal and loan commitment dates are based on the original sales contract. “Appraisal deadline” is the date of completion and availability of final appraisal documentation. Appraisal fee is collected up-front. Loan commitment date is subject to receipt of completed application and all required supporting documentation no less than 10 regular workdays prior to scheduled commitment date. Loan commitment is subject to underwriting approval.Appraisal date only valid when completed purchase contract and loan application are received by The Home Express no less than 10 regular workdays prior to due date.

Guarantees apply to purchase loans only. Credits will be applied at closing. If guarantee credits exceed total closing costs, remaining credits will be paid in cash equivalent via Cashier’s check at closing. The loan must fund with The Home Express in order to receive any of the guarantee credits. Certain government loan programs and other loan programs offered by The Home Express are not available for the guarantee offers listed above. Offers subject to change without notice. All loans subject to approval. Certain restrictions may apply. © 2016 Fairway Independant Morgtage Company.