Financing Tools for Realtors

In todays market you need to be able to review facts and present data that conveys the right message. We have created tools to assist you with this.

Seller Value Proposition - currently many home sellers may not be willing to have a realistic idea of the value to sell there home.  As a home seller you alos may not realize the amount of money you might be able to save over the remaining term of your loan by selling your home and obtaining financing at current market rates.  We are now providing a tool to assist with this analysis for your listing clients.

Example Seller Value Proposition

  Current Loan New Loan
Loan Amount $150,000 $150,000
Loan Term in Years 30 30
Interest Rate 6.5% 5.0%
Payment $948.10 $805.23
Monthly Savings $142.87  
Years Remaining on Current Loan 27  
New Loan Savings $46,289.75  

Seller Value Proposition.xls